Running to Stand Still

…busy Dad trying to make it all work

About me

Hello all and welcome!

Let’s get this thing started.  I’m Ed.  I’m a 53 year old guy with three daughters, one dog and one wife.  Born, raised and continue to live in Chicago (hence the picture…that I took!).  I am a cyclist, runner and triathlete.

Why “Running To Stand Still”?  Because it explains just about everything going on these days.  Every day we rush to get up early to get a workout in, get the kids up, feed the dog, take a shower, walk the dog, tell the kids to get out of bed again, start breakfast, shovel the snow, make coffee, tell the kids to get out of bed again, find clothes for the kids to wear to school, flush the toilets so the dog doesn’t drink pee water, make sure the dog has her own water, now that the kids are out of bed get them dressed, watch the kids not eat the breakfast you made them, find the kids shoes, make sure the kids homework was put in their backpacks, welcome the wife home from her 5am training run, get the kids in the van, fight traffic 40 minutes to go 5 miles, get the kids to school before they get tardy slips, kiss the wife, jump out of the van, catch the redline downtown, get to the office and…..relax.

The title also applies to my running. Understand that I really enjoy running but cycling is my baby. Running 5-10ks were the extent of my running until I turned 45.  When most guys decide to stop distance running I decided to give it a go….and I got hooked.  Running a marathon changes your life.  But let it be known that I love to run long races but I like finishing them better…hence…Running To Stand Still.

…also it’s the title of a U2 song…love those guys.

I plan on using this blog to share, vent, bs about the stuff that rolls around my noodle.  Running, cycling, being a Dad, being a husband, dogs, common sense, sports, health, charity work and sleep deprivation. Not in that order.

Try to keep up…

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