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I live in an area of Chicago called Ravenswood Manor.  Quite a snooty name if you ask me but it is what it is.  It has lately become quite popular with the media because of a certain resident who happens to be the ex-Governor/convicted felon of this wonderful state.  He’ll be living in Colorado for the next 14 years so this story is not about him, thankfully, but about our wives.  Better yet what they made us do.

There are a lot of wives in Ravenswood Manor….hundreds it seems, hence a lot of book clubs.  You know when the wives say they’re going to read a book and in a few weeks they’ll meet at Peggy’s house on a Wednesday night to discuss the book but really they’re meeting at Peggy’s house to get lit up and come home at 1am blabbing about how awesome Nancy’s hummus was….well something had to be done.

So about seven years ago another Dad and myself formed the RMMBC.  The Ravenswood Manor Men’s Book Club.

The RMMBC was formed to counter our wives monthly book club “meetings”.  We decided to form the RMMBC which meets roughly every six weeks to discuss…things….however none of these “things” are usually books.  Below is a picture of our “Library”…

We started small.  I think our first official meeting had 8 attendees.  Fast forward 6 years and this group now has an email list of roughly 50 guys.

We sometimes will travel to other “libraries” but not too much.

We have done some nice things as well.  Sponsored many little league baseball teams, helped fund the holiday decorations in the neighborhood and personally helped me with my American Cancer Society DetermiNation team charity by raising over $2,000 last year at our annual golf outing!

About 5 years ago I thought the group needed to get out, stretch it’s legs and get some fresh air so I put together the first RMMBC Golf Outing.  I proudly hold the title of RMMBC Golf Commissioner.  That reminds me…I’ll need to update my LinkedIn profile.

The tournament is a cart partner scramble.  The overall winning team wins various prizes which usually consist of cans of Spam, drill bits, Rice-a-Roni, a dozen range balls and one free round of golf at the cow pasture we always play this tournament at.  This past year we had 40 golfers.

The grand prize are the winners jackets.  Like the Masters the winner (or in this case winners) get their own winners jackets to be worn each year at the post tournament gala…usually held in our “Library”.  Each winner gets new jackets that they keep forever but must wear them to the post-tourney gala every year.

As commissioner it is my job to purchase these jackets.  They are purchased every year from the same store and I’d like to publicly thank the Montrose Avenue Salvation Army for all of their help.

Anyway….We had a quick vote and came up with the top 10 books from the past 7 years as stated by the RMMBC:


9)  The sports page




5)  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition




…and the number one book is…


Well there you have it. The Ravenswood Manor Mens Book Club in a nut shell.

Men feel free to steal our idea.  Take back your neighborhood!

You can thank me later.

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Cyclist, marathon runner, triathlete, ACS DetermiNation Team member who has three daughters, one dog and one wife...basically a cyclist with a running problem

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