Keep Moving Forward

It’s been a little over five weeks now since my laser eye surgery to correct a tear in my right retina.  It seems like five months.  My recovery calls for four to six weeks so my doctor told me I could put the bike on the trainer and ride sometime around December 15th.  That day can not come soon enough.  I need to sweat!

This has been a very long five weeks.  Much has happened.  Some good.  Some not so good.  Some unexpected.

So what have I been up to? That’s easy… I got very depressed, gained about 7 pounds, had another eye appointment, drank a lot of beer, walked a lot, watched sports on TV, lovingly looked at my new running shoes I was to run the marathon in, drove my wife crazy, had my annual physical with Dr. Funny Finger, joined a health club I really can’t use yet, found out my company might be for sale soon, had an ultrasound I’ve been putting off for almost 14 years, realized my running watch stopped working, booked my hotel for the Berlin Marathon in September even though I still don’t know if I’ll be able to run that distance ever again and I turned 48 on November 17th.

Yep…That just about sums up the past five weeks.

One thing I really wasn’t ready for was the depression. 😦  It was bad during marathon weekend but it really started kicking in on the flight home from New York.  I just could not yet believe I did NOT run the New York marathon.  If you don’t know my story you can check out “Why I Ran” over there to the right.

The good news is I’m finally starting to feel like it’s behind me.  It’s been hard.  Everything reminded me of the hours I put into the fundraising and training this year.  The incredible support from my family, my friends and my Twitter/dailymile/Facebook pals was really helpful.  I am blessed to have you all as friends.

But it’s time to remember my favorite running mantra…Keep Moving Forward!

I really can’t run until I get the final final OK from my doctor that the scar tissue in my eye is strong enough for the pounding of running.  That doesn’t happen until December 30th.  I might call to ask her if one or two 5ks would be fine before my visit. I figure I might as well see if it’s going to be a problem before I see her.

If she does say I’m good to go I’ll be running four miles on the morning of December 31st.  The last run of a very emotional and fulfilling year.

Anyone want to join me?

Published by ed schober

Cyclist, marathon runner, triathlete, ACS DetermiNation Team member who has three daughters, one dog and one wife...basically a cyclist with a running problem

6 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

    1. If I can it’s just going too be a little run along the lakefront. Unless there’s a blizzard…which doesn’t really matter because I’m running regardless.

  1. Mr Ed, you’re gonna be fine. You worry too much. You are still our neighborhood hero whether you run 5K or 26.2 miles or bike to work to save energy. You put a spotlight on eliminating cancer and raised a shit load of cash for the ACS. I have a six pack of Spotted Cow for you —–

  2. You’ll be on that trainer soon, Ed! Taking time off from the exercise you LOVE – and that keeps you sane – is incredibly tough, especially when you’ve put your heart into training and raising funds to kick cancer’s ass. If you’re planning at NYE run on the lakefront, let me know. I’ll be there with you.

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